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Nestled in the mountains of the San Bernardino National Forest in Southern California are three small unincorporated villages along State Highway 38 with distinct and vibrant rural communities. Traveling from the cities of Redlands or Yucaipa to the mountains, the first of our villages in Mill Creek Canyon is Mountain Home Village. Once home to sawmills and mountain resorts in the early 1900s, it is now the location of Loch Leven Conference Center, featuring the historic Campbell Lodge, and a collection of quaint creekside homes.  Turning east from Highway 38, deeper into Mill Creek Canyon, is the community of Forest Falls. Once renowned for the Forest Home Resort, founded in the 1890s, today that historic resort is Forest Home Christian Conference Center. Further up the canyon, is the tiny town center with a handful of local businesses including gift shops, a real estate office, and a restaurant.  In the forested heights of the canyon, at an altitude of more than 6,000 feet, flows California's second highest waterfall, Big Falls. Less than a mile away is Big Falls Lodge, originally built in 1926, which now hosts weddings and events and serves as the Gail D. Cox Community Center. Traveling past the turnoff to Forest Falls and up Highway 38 toward Barton Flats and Big Bear is our third village, Angelus Oaks. Its storied past includes both outlaws and charismatic evangelist Amy Semple McPherson and its tiny business area features a restaurant and a lodge that once served stagecoach passengers on the long trek to Big Bear more than a century ago. Although each community has aspects that set it apart from the others, and we are divided by several miles, our three villages come together to support one another in times of disaster and in celebration of our unique heritage and homes. 

Mountain Home Village, California
Campbell Lodge at Loch Leven
Mountain Home Village
Mountain Home Village
Forest Falls, California
Mountain Home Village
Big Falls
El Mexicano Restaurant, Forest Falls
The Gazebo at Big Falls Lodge
Mill Creek in Forest Falls
Rainbows in Forest Falls
Angelus Oaks, California
Angelus Oaks Lodge
Sunset from Angelus Oaks Photo by Samuel
Jenks Lake
The Oaks Restaurant Angelus Oaks
Angelus Oaks in Winter
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